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Dr. Chandan Bose is currently working as a Wallonie Bruxelles International Postdoctoral Fellow in the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Liege, Belgium. He has obtained M.S. & Ph.D. from the Dept. of Applied Mechanics, IIT Madras. He has been awarded the Institute Research Award for his research during the Ph.D. tenure. He completed his graduation from the Dept. of Civil Engineering at Jadavpur University and he was the gold medallist in his batch. He is passionately interested in fluid dynamics problems of different tastes, especially which are having a flavor of nonlinear dynamics. At present, he is investigating unsteady aerodynamics and fluid-structure interaction dynamics of bio-inspired propulsion. His research works have been published so far in 7 International Journals and 18 International Conference Proceedings. His paper was featured as Editor's pick in the classic journal, Physics of Fluids. He has received the American Physical Society Travel Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies and SERB Travel Award. He has served as a reviewer in 14 eminent Journals. He has also been recognized as an outstanding reviewer for International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics.

Abstract of the lecture

The lecture will discuss the investigations made on the complex vortex interactions in a flapping wing. The flow-field transitions from periodic to chaotic through a quasi-periodic route as the plunge amplitude is gradually increased. This study unravels the role of the complex interactions that take place among the main vortex structures in making the unsteady flow-field transition from periodicity to chaos.

  • C. Bose and S. Sarkar, “Investigating chaotic wake dynamics past a flapping airfoil and the role of vortex interactions behind the chaotic transition,” Physics of Fluids, vol. 30, 047107 (2018)
  • C. Bose, S. Gupta and S. Sarkar, “Transition to chaos in the flow-induced vibration of a pitching–plunging airfoil at low Reynolds numbers: Ruelle–Takens–Newhouse scenario,” International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, vol. 109, pp. 189-203 (2019)

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