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Fluid Mechanics as a tool in respiratory disease mitigation

Speaker: Prof. Saikat Basu

Date & time: 27th Feb 2021 @ 7:00 pm (New Delhi)

8:30 am (New York), 2:30 pm (Berlin), 9:30 pm (Beijing)

Abstract of the lecture In this webinar, Prof. Saikat will discuss his long-term research program goals to promote fluid mechanics-based analysis as a planning tool that can be readily accessed by physicians to reach personalized clinical decisions for each patient, especially for pathologies related to flow-based transport. In this talk, he will present his research vision on applying tools from theory and computations to answer specific translational questions arising in clinical therapeutics and mitigation, with the current focus being mostly on respiratory physiology. The next 20-30 years will see great activity in how we can use concepts from mechanics and applied physics to answer open questions in clinical domains, through transdisciplinary collaborations between physicians, engineers, applied mathematicians, and pharmacologists.

Related publications

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